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Canon’s Latest Quarter Results

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Take a look a the abismal press release that Canon put out regarding the last quarter:

Within the Imaging System Business Unit, although total sales volume of interchangeable-lens digital cameras declined due to market shrinkage, sales of interchangeable-lens digital cameras increased from the same period of the previous year in Japan and Europe owing to healthy demand for such new models as the EOS 5DS, EOS 5DS R, EOS Rebel T6i/EOS 750D, EOS Rebel T6s/EOS 760D and EOS M3.

As for digital compact cameras, while sales volume declined amid the ongoing contraction of the market due to the effects of the growing popularity of smartphones, profitability improved thanks to the growing ratio of high-added-value models featuring high image quality and high-magnification zoom capabilities, such as the new PowerShotSX710 HS and PowerShot G3 X.

As for inkjet printers, although printer unit sales volume declined from the same period of the previous year owing to the sluggish market in Southeast Asia, sales increased slightly thanks to strong sales of consumables. As a result, sales for the business unit decreased by 4.2% to ¥302.5 billion, while operating profit totaled ¥41.7 billion, a decline of 3.8%. Sales for the combined first nine months of the year totaled ¥897.7 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 4.6%, while operating profit totaled ¥121.3 billion, declining 11.0% year on year.

OK, to those of you who don’t read a lot of press releases, this is basically Canon saying:

  1. Overall, sales are down on higher end cameras
  2. They blame the decline on market shrinkage and smart phones
  3. Doesn’t look good for Canon

Take a look at the fall off of camera sales over the last few years:


You can come up with your own conclusions but things SEEM to be leveling off to pre digital numbers. Now, take a loot at the chart when we add sales of cell phones.

dslr vs spartphone sales

Does anyone remember Kodak? …Anyone? Canon needs to get innovative with regard to 4k offerings etc or go the way of others who thought they had a lock on an industry.

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