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3DR Solo – Setting the pace for aerial drones

Raising the bar
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As the drone wars of 2015 continue to heat up, 3DR is keeping pace with a winning design in their affordable Solo quadcopter.

Watch the Video
Hit the play button on the image above and watch the video!

3DR Solo

In addition to straight up fling, Solo offers flight patterns (Orbit, Selfie, Cable Cam, & Follow ) that aid in getting the shots you need.

Solo is designed for a GoPro camera. While some of the top manufacturers (DJI, Parrot) it’s nice to see 3DR continue to use the Hero video/photo platform.

The 3DR Solo with 3D gimbal weighs in at $1399.95 (you can purchase without gimbal for $999).

Accessories include a backpack, extra batteries, and replacement parts.

Solo Drone Info

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