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Autonomous Drone – Hexo

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Entirely automated flight and framing
Hexo is entirely self-flying, from takeoff to landing, you just need to select your camera movement, perform and collect the footage.
Perfectly stable footage
Hexo was built from the ground up with aerial filming in mind: six propellers, software-smoothed trajectories and a 3-axis gimbal ensure beautifully stable images.
Beautiful camera movements
We put together a library of camera movements together with directors and athletes to help you create the most beautiful aerial footage—without the need for a pilot or a camera operator.
Easy transport
Minimum bulk, tool-free removable propellers and gimbal, you just need to strap Hexo to you backpack to get going.
2-seconds battery swap
Intuitive, 2-second battery swap system to make sure changing batteries is easy and you spend your time flying.

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