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DSLR RIG: Came-TV è leader nella fotocamera attrezzi a prezzi accessibili e l'illuminazione
8 Valore
9 Qualità
7 Servizio Clienti

The brand new CAME-TV Legendary Cage is a DSLR RIG built perfectly around the form factor of DSLRs. it is suitable DSLR just like: CANON 5D3/2, 7D GH4, SONY A7s and so on.

It enables easy access for battery and media removal. It adds full functionality with top and bottom 15mm rod support and a super tough top handle makes it easy to carry around.

The bottom of the DSLR RIG is ported for battery access on the Canon 5D/7D/1DmkIV. Although the cage will work with other DSLR cameras, this particular model is geared toward the Canon 5D/7D. The entire DSLR cage is CNC milled from billet aluminum and is black anodized for durability. Each standard 1/4 20 threaded mounting hole is lined with stainless steel helicoils which prevents threads from stripping out which can happen quite easily on purely aluminum threads.

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