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DSLR vs iPhone


Ready to give up your DSLR and go cold turkey with only you iPhone? i phone 6 maybe?

Well the folks over at Business Insider did a side by side comparison with an iPhone, a DSLR (Canon 5D mk iii) and a point and shoot (Canon PowerShot SD1400-IS).

Now it’s REALLY tough to do a good side by side and keep everything fair. But BI did a little below average on this one. Take a look at this image for example


Now if you are looking you’ll see that the DSLR is shooting on a plain white background while the other two cameras had to deal with a bright light on the top and top left. Naturally this would effect the auto exposure on the iPhone and point and shoot.

Anyway, it’s an interesting read over on Business Insider. Take a look and leave me a comment about the other “challenges” the reviewer had.

DSLR vs iPhone Article

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