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Review of Sony’s A7R II

Matt K made the switch!
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Famed landscape photographer Matt Kloskowski switched his camera outfit to Sony’s A7R II. His article “My First 60 Days with the Sony A7R II” is a must read for anyone looking for more information on this camera as well as the entire Sony lineup of cameras.


Did I Switch From Nikon?
Yes. I now shoot with my Sony all of the time now. I still have my Nikon D810, and do some video stuff for ON1 so I’ve used it for video, but my landscape, travel and general purpose photography is done with my Sony gear now. A lot of people thought I shot Canon because, when I worked at Kelby, Canon was heavily involved. But that was loaner gear for me to try out, as well as use to balance some of my classes so they weren’t all Nikon heavy. But I didn’t actually own any Canon gear.

Matt is a personal friend and he was my boss for a short while. I really respect him as a photographer and leader in the industry. I suggest you check out his post and get the full skinny on the Sony A7R II!

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