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Periscope for iPhone now lets you broadcast live using a GoPro

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For this, GoPro and Periscope have been working together, so everything should run smoothly. The Periscope app only supports the GoPro HERO 4, which is available for $399.99. [+] TWITTER: You can choose to share your Periscope broadcasts on Twitter by tapping the bird icon before you start broadcasting. For more information, please go to help.periscope.tvThis version also fixes an issue where some profile images would not load. You don’t need any extra accessories or complicated wiring-just a GoPro and iPhone 5s and above.

Once the action cam is paired to the iPhone, users will see the same “Start Broadcast” button within Periscope but with the option to select the GoPro. GoPro videos obviously are stored on the action camera’s SD card, and the Periscope app makes it easy for you to switch from your GoPro camera to your iPhone camera and back again.

The video streaming quality isn’t too shabby, to tell you the truth.

The opportunities for live-streaming extreme sports are also extensive. Someone from the other end of the planet can share a walk in the park and you could be watching that somewhere else, happening live. It’s going to change everything, especially for thrill-seekers.

GoPro have teamed up with Periscope, the livestreaming app from Twitter. And the Livestream app announced GoPro streaming in 2014. From there, Periscope will begin to broadcast ultra-wide angle shots taken from the GoPro instead of from the iPhone camera. Viewers will still be able to chat and send hearts to the broadcaster as if they were broadcasting from their phone. This two-directional communication is lost when you’re not primarily interfacing with your phone. At a minimum, the Periscope partnership will still likely strengthen GoPro’s already-strong brand though.

Now live stream from your Go Pro with Periscope for iOS

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