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Photo Gifts – Metal Prints


IMG_3382If you are a photographer (and you are) you want to showcase your work in the best manner possible. You also want to give your photos as gifts on occasion and decorate your studio/home.

Last year I purchased a metal print from Mpix.com and I couldn’t be happier about the experience.

I had taken a photo I loved of my then girlfriend (now wife) Sally. We had gone to a Florida park and the setting and her outfit were perfect and I am proud of the photo. So, I wanted to print it out for our home.

Trouble is, printing is a pain and framing is a bigger pain. I’m a big fan of frameless images and I had recently seen some amazing work done by Mpix so I decided to give them a try.

I uploaded the image to their site (Sally with Umbrella) and chose the size of 20×30″ which is their largest size.

The metal prints on Mpix come with a float mount, rounded edges and a semi-gloss (base finish: white). These are standard and no options given for finish.

For a first time metal print purchaser, I was quite happy with the results.

This year I’d like to get something a bit bigger and with a little more finish choices.

BayPhoto.com has sizes up to 48×96″ (that’s 4′ x 8′!!) and a wide selection of 5 finishes. A test run on BayPhoto proved that the process was equally as easy and I did like the interface better. Prices of similar sized prints were comparable between the two companies. A 20×30″ print runs about $150 at Mpix while the same size at BayPhoto runs $120 + $60 for mounting inset. BayPhoto is currently offering first time purchasers a 25% discount.

Check them both out and give a gift that will last a lifetime.

Mpix.com BayPhoto.com

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